What you are to do in this unit is to watch the film My Sister’s Keeper directed by Nick Cassavetes and answer this question:

Do you prefer the ending of the novel or that of the film?

Your answer must be developed in a well-organized paragraph of around 150 words.

You are encouraged to personalize your answers as much as you wish to with your diverse backgrounds that include your individual religious faiths, moralities, personalities, experiences, etc.


Students’ answers are expected to vary to reflect individual development in learning literary works. The grading on the ten-point scale is based on the evaluation of two aspects of the student’s writing as follows:

I was drawn to the film's ending in "My Sister's Keeper," although I secretly yearned for an unexpected resolution where both sisters could survive. Considering the situation, if one had to pass away, I would lean towards Kate, as Anna's selflessness and resilience had me support her. The thought of her going through the challenge of donating a kidney, only for Kate's recovery to be uncertain, made me sad. In the book, Anna's tragic accident resulted in Kate receiving her kidney, rendering her healthy but without her sister. If I were Kate, I would suffer and blame myself for the rest of my life because I should be the one to die. This outcome left me empathetic yet profoundly shocked. I strongly related to Anna, who sacrificed so much but tragically met her end, reminiscent of my childhood experience of obeying my parents without expressing my own opinions, and its impact on my self-esteem. Vice versa, the film's ending provided a poignant narrative. Kate's battle with leukemia underscored life's fragility and the inevitability of loss, yet the family's resilience and unity brought hope amidst grief. Rooted in my religious belief of embracing truth and mindfulness, I have learned that acknowledging reality is pivotal for happiness. Death need not be feared; recognizing it empowers the living to lead wholesome, joyful lives. Additionally, Anna's legal triumph helped enhance her autonomy and reflect her agency. In retrospect, the film's ending resonates emotionally, leaving me pondering the intricate balance between hope and the stark realities of life's choices.

Võ Thị Mỹ Nhung

Bài này Nhung được 9 điểm và đây là nhận xét của giáo viên: The paragraph is remarkable with sensible ideas and personal opinions