Unit 7: Economics Unit Question: Can money buy happiness?

You learned from Sonja Lyubomirsky’s lecture that “the more successful we are at our jobs, the higher income we make, and the better work environment we have.” According to the lecture, these three factors eventually lead to more happiness. Describe a situation in which being good at a job and enjoying it do not necessarily lead to higher income. Does this situation still lead to happiness? Why or why not?




Sonja Lyubomirsky's lecture sheds light on the correlation between job success, income, work environment, and overall well-being. While increased income and a positive work environment are often promoted as pathways to happiness, it's important to acknowledge that there are scenarios where job proficiency and enjoyment may not necessarily lead to a significant increase in earnings, but they can still lead to happiness.


Consider the field of teaching, particularly kindergarten educators, who invest wholeheartedly in shaping the young minds of the future. Despite their instrumental contributions to society, kindergarten teachers typically receive modest financial compensation. However, witnessing children's learning and personal development, along with observing their curiosity, moments of discovery, and warm innocent smiles, brings unparalleled satisfaction. This underscores that happiness isn't solely tied to monetary gains.


In the realm of creative professions, such as artists, writers, and musicians, these individuals pour their hearts into their craft, deriving genuine satisfaction from the creative process itself. While financial rewards may not always match the level of skill and dedication they bring to their work, their happiness stems from the intrinsic rewards of self-expression and the joy they derive from their artistic endeavors. This deep sense of contentment and fulfillment serves as a testament to the fact that happiness in one's profession transcends monetary gains, and underscores the significance of finding passion and purpose in one's work.


In conclusion, while higher income and a favorable work environment undoubtedly contribute to happiness, it is crucial to recognize that there are instances where job proficiency and enjoyment may not result in a significant increase in earnings. In these scenarios, the intrinsic rewards of contributing to society and the sense of purpose derived from meaningful work can lead to a profound sense of happiness and contentment.

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